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Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania,
April-June 2017 Newsletter

"Since teaming together, Roger Hammer and JD, both regulars at the Thursday jam, have attracted a nice following in recent years playing at local venues a combination of covers and original takes written by Hammer based on popular enduring blues standards that have stood the test of time."

Roger Hammer’s bio:

What is Hand Crafted Folk Rock built on the Blues?? The hand crafted part refers to our style of original acoustic-oriented songs.? We also recognize the Blues as the basis for so much popular music that have been big influences to us.

Roger’s early musical training began with piano at the age of 5, followed by clarinet, sax, guitar and bass.?? He has played in orchestras and bands in hundreds of appearances in Chicago and surrounding Midwest states.?? Most recently he has played both solo and with Harrisburg area bands.?? He proudly supports musical organizations like the?Susquehanna Folk Music Society?and the Blues?Society of Central Pennsylvania.

Roger says:? "Covers are originals you have heard before, while standards are covers you have heard forever.?? I try to write original music and lyrics that sound familiar enough to like right away, but with something new and interesting, and enough substance to last.? The singer-songwriter journey is fun and rewarding."

Blues Society Spotlight on Roger


Pennsylvania Musician, March 2016, July, 2016

"Hammer has a way with words, delivering wit-edged, personal observations about people, the world and life’s journey".Audemars Piguet Replica

"Roger Hammer has handcrafted his own distinctive slant on folk-based rock, and he demonstrates his unique blend and style…wielding acoustic and electric guitars".

"It was great to see these guys rockin’ out on stage.? Both of them have some great guitar skills."



20th Annual Millennium Music Conference & Showcase
Pennsylvania Musician Stage

Another repeat performer on our stage this year was Roger Hammer and JD. Another great blues duo from right here in Harrisburg. It was great to see these guys rockin' out on our stage. Both of them have some great guitar skills. These guys had shows on Friday and Saturday night. They were busy this MMC. I'm glad they took time to stop by and play us a few songs.
~ Rachel Rocks

Regular events where you can see Roger live
Blues Society Jam

Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania


Weekly jam every Thursday at 8pm hosted by Champions Sports Bar and Grille, Highspire, PA


Susquehanna Folk Music Society

Susquehanna Folk Music Society


Second Sunday each month from 1-4 pm at Fort Hunter Barn, Harrisburg, PA

Fort Hunter

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